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Hey squaddies,

Hotfix 19.4.1 is here. From here on out we’ll be utilizing a new naming convention for builds to make them a little clearer, with this full build number being B19. and the last build renamed to B19.4.0.

As part of this hotfix we’ve made these changes:

  • The first pass of fixes for AMD users, these are still work in progress as we continue working on further fixes.
  • Optimizations to the Artillery and Mortar impacts
  • VFX optimizations to the heli rotor wash
  • Fixed a performance issue caused by the healing/bleeding icons
  • Fixed Whitelisted modded servers not appearing in the server browser

There are a few more fixes for AMD users we are currently working on and hope to have these with you as soon as possible. Stay safe troops.

Offworld Out.

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