Community and Server Rules


Staff member
Dec 16, 2019
•No Teamkilling, apologize in chat for accidental TK.

•No griefing, trolling or harassment.

•Respect UG administrative requests.

•Squad Leaders are allowed to kick for any reason.

•Squad Leaders MUST have microphones.

•No hacking, cheating, glitching or exploiting the game in any way.

•Be courteous to players and admins.

•Don't camp the enemy main with infantry, vehicles or mines. (Halfway to the first point)

•No using the "unarmed" kit after 40 players on the server.

•No 1 manned locked squads unless you are running logistical trucks (and are actually doing logi runs).

•Vehicles that require crewman must have 2 crewmen at all times.

•Creating a squad without the intention to lead is not allowed.

•Creating squads with racist squad names, or having a vulgar user name will result in a permanent ban.

•Do not share ticket counts with the enemy team.


  1. Seeding rules are in effect until there are a total of 30 active players online (15v15)
  2. Fight over middle cap when the total of caps are an odd number, fight between caps when the total of caps are a even number
  3. Do not disable enemy FOB’s
  4. No armed vehicles are allowed during seeding.

Discord Rules
1. Don't be overly abusive, racist, etc. We typically don't care and we understand a joke when we hear one, just taking it too far is different.
2. Please keep certain conversations in the correct channels. An example being keeping commands in #botspam
3. If the gods have blessed you with privileges don't abuse them, end of the story.
4. Keep drama out of the discord, if we wanted to watch two people bitch about each other we'd watch Hillary v Trump again.
5. Don't argue with decision from those higher up, yes if something was unjustified go ahead and bring it up.